The next generation

botting experience.

Beast of a client.

Jido is a skillfully crafted, fully customized client designed to streamline advanced macro execution. Our team of skilled developers have dedicated over a year to this project, ensuring that every user enjoys a seamless botting experience with minimal setup or technical knowledge required. With Jido, the possibilities are limitless, enabling you to achieve what other scripts cannot. You can install and run scripts with a simple click of a button or even learn to develop your own. Experience the power of Jido by trying our free version or unlocking its full potential and premium scripts with our premium subscription.

Runs on Windows. No other requirements!

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Jido is power.

Tools that set themselves apart from the competition. Here are some of the key features that make Jido unique.


One-click install

Installing Jido is a breeze. Our self-contained client eliminates the need for mods and file placement hassles, ensuring a seamless botting experience.


Script Delivery Network

Our Script Delivery Network (SDN) offers hassle-free script delivery straight to your Jido client. All of our scripts are professionally crafted and quality-controlled, ensuring optimal performance and safety.


Client & API

Our 40+ years of experience in software automation ensures that we deliver a robust client and API. Our users can trust that we have the skills to address any issues that may arise.

A plan for everyone.

Try our free version to explore what Jido has to offer or unlock its full potential with a premium subscription.

Free User



/ permanent

2 public script instances

Access to the client

Access to free scripts




/ month

Multiple version support (in the future)

Unlimited public script instances

5% off ALL premium scripts

Access to VIP scripts

Proxy support




/ permanent

Everything from VIP

10% off ALL premium scripts

LIFETIME premium membership